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Like us, at some point, you probably have woken up once or twice (okay, fine… maybe more than that) with a really bad case of cottonmouth, a pounding headache, and a great dislike for the ray of sunlight coming in from the crack in the curtains. After getting rid of the stranger laying next to you, and going over your multiple texts from last night, you realize you have committed to surfing at the crack of dawn, brunch at 10, and unbelievably, a visit to mom!


The After Shot

After a long hiatus, we’ve reimagined our original NOHO shot, making it smarter, sexier, and all-natural. No implants!

Glad you take our word for it, but we know you also care about the geeky data behind our formula, so check us out.

NOHO Bottles

Keep it up!

There’s no need for you to stop your day. Our shot, delicious by the way, activates your cellular metabolism, giving you the energy and hydration while removing toxins, so you can be ready to go out, have fun, and keep doing what you do… (do include mom).

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